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Joshua Rothman reads “Animal Madness,” a new book about mental illness in animals:

“Animals living in captivity—even pets—are more often pushed to the edge of sanity, frequently by factors wholly outside of their control. Constant visibility, social isolation, and…



2014 is half over and

  • -i lost no weight
  • -didn’t learn anything
  • -haven’t made an effort to save money
  • -still ugly

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Men celebrated our sexual liberation — our willingness to freely give and enjoy blow jobs and group sex, our willingness to experiment with anal penetration — but ultimately many males revolted when we stated that our bodies were territories that they could not occupy at will. Men who were ready for female sexual liberation if it meant free pussy, no strings attached, were rarely ready for feminist female sexual agency. This agency gave us the right to say yes to sex, but it also empowered us to say no.

—bell hooks in Communion: The Female Search for Love  (via daniellemertina)

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